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Why Work With a CPA?

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At McBride Financial Services, Inc., a CPA is always available to assist in acheiving your goals and objectives.  Here are three reasons to work with a CPA.

1.  Code of Professional Conduct - one of the most exacting of any profession - CPAs are governed by a code of professional conduct which stresses independence, integrity, objectivity, technical competence and adherence to professional standards. This Code emphasizes the CPA's commitment to serving and protecting the public interest.

2.  Pass the rigorous two-and-one-half day uniform CPA Examination.  CPAs are distinguished from other accountants by stringent licensing and testing requirements.  To qualify for certification and a state license, CPAs must meet actual real world  experience and/or additional post graduate study requirements. 

3.  Arizona requires CPAs to take specified amounts of continuing professional education annually to retain their professional licenses to practice.  This requirement ensures that CPAs are exposed to ongoing education which will allow them to stay current with the ever changing rules that this profession is confronted with.